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Our goal is to enrich the human experience by providing a new world of possibilities in art, information and data. Using continuously evolving technology we make this possible. Our passion, expertise, drive and dedication are what makes us a truly unparalleled filming operation.


We are an expanding family owned business with our roots in Pinellas County, Florida. We have been operating unmanned aerial vehicles since the dawn of the industry’s beginnings. Our pilots are highly trained and licensed by the FAA. Our pride, passion and consideration are intertwined with all aspects of this business and this beautiful state we call home.  We hope to capture the indescribably beautiful landscapes and moments in life that are cherished, fascinating, & memorable. We also strive to bring state of the art technology and an ever- evolving techniques to elevate ourselves to the highest industry standard.

This endeavor has evolved from a hobby of the founders to a passion for sharing the wondrous sights and precious environments we had around us that only a handful of our fellow man have the luxury to be surrounded with. We love traveling to further enrich the perspective of our viewers and clients, as well as bring exposure to local businesses and persons who deserve recognition. Meeting new people, engaging with different communities and enjoying the experience and sights along the way will always what we cherish most.